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Product Management


Whether a new service or an existing product portfolio, you may feel you don't have the time or experience available to make sure your product reaches its full potential, or perhaps to prevent the negative impacts of unnecessary costs from product support shortfalls or dissatisfied customers.

Maybe you're pressed to hire a full-time specialist employee. 


There are many stages in effective Product Management, that protect a business from exposure to both internal and external risks. Throughout the complete lifecycle of a product or service, from its inception to obsolescence, a comprehensive approach is essential to maximise profits.

Neglecting these stages can be very expensive in sunk development costs, missed sales from being late to an ever-changing market, and many other factors which can result in significant brand damage or even business failure.

There are many ways Lantern Davis can help.
Here are just a few:-

Product Management Framework setup

Design Brief creation and review

Product Market research

Product Meeting facilitation

Product Development reviews

Portfolio analysis

Lifecycle analysis

Training, coaching or mentoring your staff

...and much more!

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