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A flexible toolkit of services for your business...

Product Management


Whether a new service or an existing product portfolio, you may feel you don't have the time or experience available to make sure your product reaches its full potential, or perhaps to prevent the negative impacts of unnecessary costs from product support shortfalls or dissatisfied customers.

Maybe you're pressed to hire a full-time specialist employee. 


There are many stages in effective Product Management, that protect a business from exposure to both internal and external risks. Throughout the complete lifecycle of a product or service, from its inception to obsolescence, a comprehensive approach is essential to maximise profits.

Neglecting these stages can be very expensive in sunk development costs, missed sales from being late to an ever-changing market, and many other factors which can result in significant brand damage or even business failure.

There are many ways Lantern Davis can help.
Here are just a few:-

Product Management Framework setup

Design Brief creation and review

Product Market research

Product Meeting facilitation

Product Development reviews

Portfolio analysis

Lifecycle analysis

Training, coaching or mentoring your staff

...and much more!

Lantern Davis can deliver a number of services, as one-off engagements or short projects, or as ongoing retained advisors on-hand at any time.

We are highly adaptable and remarkably flexible. 

At every engagement, we are always looking for ways to add value that you may have not have thought of,  preparing you for business risks so you have a mitigation plan to help avoid trouble, and a contingency plan in case it's too late.

And of course, our first introductory meeting is free.

ISO 9001 Quality Management


Lantern Davis can guide your business through becoming certified to a number of standards. Or carry out internal, or independent audits and provide certification.  


ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System (QMS) standard, recognised globally. Any organisation can be certified however small, including sole traders, charities, and government departments. 

Having certification that your business meets the requirements of ISO 9001, gives your business kudos, a competitive edge over others, and shows your customers that they matter to you.

Many supply chains insist on ISO 9001 certification as a prerequisite and lacking this certification excludes you from access to such opportunities.

Helping a client set up a QMS, we guide them through the minimum they need, help with drafting the processes and procedures, and training.

Other standards usually adopted at the same time as ISO9001 are:-

ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

While carrying out an audit, we always remain objective, pragmatic, and above all, personable! 
Being audited is stressful enough without officious, subjective criticism;

we never do that!

We are thorough, however. We have to be or our certificates would be worthless.
And we have a good understanding of a number of industries, something that makes an audit far more productive.

Independent remedials reports


However conscientious sub-contractors, fitters, installers and other trades are, there are times when the work delivered is perceived by the building owner or principal contractor to be less than they expected.

It's t times like these when tensions and costs can spiral out of proportion, not least from repeated revisits, emails, and phone calls.

Lantern Davis can carry out an independent technical product study, including on-site, take accurate measurements, and photographs, and investigate possible causes of failure. 

We will then prepare a professionally presented and eloquent report of our finding, and if necessary mediate with your client in your absence on days when you simply cannot spare the time and cannot be in two places at once.

Risk Management


How many ways can you think of that may expose your business to risk?

We're great at the 'What ifs' of risk analysis. And also at facilitating your teams to come up with, and structure, a risk analysis and mitigation plan, whether D/PFMEA, Project Risk Log, or a comprehensive Business Continuity Strategy.
At Lantern Davis we will help you in anticipating risks and putting into place mitigation strategies and procedures that will protect you, and allow you to demonstrate to your clients that they are in safe hands.



We love a spreadsheet!

And collecting the data to go into it.

And then making sense of the data, so your teams will understand it.

But analysis isn't all about spreadsheets.
Lantern Davis can help with carrying out research and analysis for your business needs, whether internal performance analysis in Operations, Costs or Sales, or research and analysis of exogenous factors, such as Competitive threats, Supply Chains and Regulations.

And then there is our 'secret shopper' service...but that's a secret!

Supply Chain Development


Are your suppliers regularly letting you down? 

Do you feel that they could be great if it were not for one or two factors?

Lantern Davis can work with your suppliers to help them work better with you. This allows you to get on with your own Operations while we smooth out the bumps in your Supply Chain's path, reducing the trips and falls that ultimately damage your relationships with your customers.

This is a win/win for you and your supplier.

Alternatively, we can find alternative suppliers for you and carry out Supplier Assessments to reduce switching-risks.

Representation & Events


Lantern Davis can organise your event, Sales meeting or launch or client meeting and provide a host if required, as well as a speaker to deliver presentations. Or simply prepare the PowerPoint and documentation packs. 

And don't worry, no cheesy clipart nor marketing cliches!  We insist on professionally branded materials that give your business the kudos it deserves, from both your customers and staff alike, because both need to feel your business is professional.

We can also stand-in for you at meetings to represent yourselves, take minutes and report back.  We have extensive specification sales experience, construction site meeting experience, and on-site project management experience.

Meeting Facilitation


We can host your meetings, freeing your team up to focus on the agenda.  Sales conferences, launch events and strategy away-days all benefit from having an external facilitator.  It reduces hierarchy, builds creativity, openness, and enthusiasm of all participants as well as demonstrating commitment to the meeting's purpose, as well as often being more fun.

Much more...


There's a lot more we can assist with.

Give us a call to see if we can help, whether it's a mountain or a molehill, we are always ready for anything.

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