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Lantern Davis was incorporated in 2008, always with a single-minded focus on the people within the product locus, that is, the people of which businesses are made. Because a business's people are undisputedly their most valuable resource,  as lauded by the best business leaders and gurus alike for decades now.

We reject the outdated adage "Business is Business".  It's so much more than that, and nothing is more rewarding than the look on a client's face when they suddenly 'get it' and one senses their enthusiasm and creativity taking off anew.


It's all too easy to forget that rare feeling and become stale when entrenched in the minutia of day-to-day operations. Investing in the time and expense of external specialists and training almost always has far-reaching benefits, way beyond the contracted task at hand; staff feel invested in, heard, valued, and their morale and creativity soar. 

Our biggest reward will always be enabling this effect, especially when it's about our favourite subject of Product Management!

Why us?


We're not distracted by the everyday myriad essential activities you and your staff must focus on to run your business. We can see the wood for the trees and have the luxury of a helicopter view (and we love trees... and helicopters!), and we see how many other businesses solve their challenges in different ways, not least when helping clients toward organisationally wide systems like ISO 9001 Certification.


We free you to do more of what your staff excels at, getting your products and services into more customers' hands, with greater efficiency and lower costs, increasing the contribution from each of your products and services...
selling more stuff, for less cost, to happier people!


Oh, and we're much more cost-effective than employing additional full-time staff with holidays, sick-days and school holidays.

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