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Nick Hudleston


The founder of Lantern Davis Limited, Nick received his first electric shock attempting to rewire his bedside light and had 'invented' a curtain opening system using ropes and pullies, by the age of seven.

Cut him in half and he's genetically an engineer heart and soul, coming from a long line of Swiss engineers and scientists.

However, he has a unique mix of marketing and sales chromosomes too.  Despite his engineering bones, Nick unusually is equally at home center stage hosting events, being a marketeer or delivering training. His fascination with all things STEM persists to this day and was the core reason for setting up LDL so that he could be involved with much more of the same.  Regardless of the industry or trade, Nick will want to learn as much as possible and will certainly be on a similar wavelength to its specialists.

From teenage and student jobs in various construction, framing and arb trades and thence a degree in Engineering at Coventry University, Nick landed his first two design engineering positions in the automotive components manufacturing industry before progressing into the architectural glazing industry as a design manager, and next became the national product manager of a German-owned multinational, having to rapidly learn to speak technical German.

He then set up a skunkworks within a business, researching and then developing a new M&E ventilation solution, and is co-author of two peer-reviewed 'published' academic papers. He had great success in re-educating the industry in ventilation science, most importantly many schools and councils. 

Nick's greatest strengths are his curiosity combined with a passion for continuous improvement and a desire to share knowledge and help others develop.

When away from the office, Nick is to be found in his workshop, fixing or making things, usually from wood, or practicing photography or marksmanship. He also is a charity trustee, as well as sitting on various committees.

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